NCFJE to Bring Back Subsidized Kaporos

NCFJE is once again offering subsidized Kaporos for the Crown Heights community residents. Tickets can now be reserved and purchased online, together with a specific time slot.

Kaporos is a Chassidishe minhag that goes back centuries and is written in the Shulchan Aruch with the purpose of inspiring a Jew to do proper teshuva and be blessed and inscribed for a sweet new year.

NCFJE is constantly working to create a calm and pleasant kaporos experience for the Crown Heights community. Tickets can now be reserved and purchased online, together with a specific time slot to help keep the day run as smoothly as possible. 

Please visit for purchasing and more information.

We thank Rabbi Dovid Fischer and diamond mogul Mr. Morris Gad, for their generosity and kindness that they have shown us year after year to help provide subsidized kaporos for the Crown Heights community.


Subsidized Kaparos: Sunday, 6 Tishrei/September 12th, 11AM – 8PM (or until supplies last) at Bais Rivkah Parking Lot, entrance on Montgomery Street.

Erev Yom Kippur Kaporos: Tuesday, 8 Tishrei/September 14th 6PM until Wednesday 9 Tishrei/September 15th 6AM

at Bais Rivkah Parking Lot, Shechita from 9:30PM

at 824 Eastern Parkway, Shechita from 10:30PM


All proceeds of this project go to tzedakah.

Keeping Minhagim Alive!

For the community, by the community.

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