NCFJE Offering East Flatbush Location For Kaporos

NCFJE will be offering kaporos at a new East Flatbush location, with limited supply, in addition to the two locations in Central Crown Heights. This location will be partially subsidized for the community by the community.

Kaporos is a Chassidishe minhag that goes back centuries and is written in the Shulchan Aruch with the purpose of inspiring a Jew to do proper teshuva and be blessed and inscribed for a sweet new year.
Mr. Yossi Popack has once again opened his heart and wallet to help NCFJE bring more Kaporos on Erev Yom Kippur for the orchim who are visiting our community.

NCFJE has added an East Flatbush location! B”H for our growing community, we have a new location for Kaporos on Sunday, October 2nd. This location will only be offering on-line sales with limited supply.

We will be located on the corner of Troy and Rutland (subject to change due to weather). The East Flatbush location is only partially subsidized for the community by the community.

Regarding NCFJE $5 Kaporos, two brave men have stepped forward to join our sponsors, on the condition that they remain anonymous. We are certain that they will receive the brachos that are generated through this great Mitzvah.

Please visit for purchasing and more information.

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