NCFJE Adding East Flatbush Location for Kaporos

NCFJE will be offering kaporos at a new East Flatbush location, with limited supply, in addition to the two locations in Central Crown Heights.

As our community has been growing b”h, we have a new location for Kaporos on Sunday September 12th in order to better service those in the East Flatbush community. This location will only be offering on-line sales with limited supply. We will be located on the corner of Albany and Rutland. The East Flatbush location is only partially subsidized for the community by the community.

Please visit to purchase.

With special consideration to the orchim of the Crown Heights community, Mr. Yossi Popack, real estate developer and crown heights philanthropist, has generously sponsored more subsidized kaporos, so that we can provide this service to the many orchim as well.

Online ticket sales are now available for all times and locations:

Subsidized Kaparos: Sunday, 6 Tishrei/September 12th, 11AM – 8PM (or until supplies last) @Bais Rivkah Parking Lot, entrance on Montgomery street.

East Flatbush: Sunday, 6 Tishrei/September 12th, 4PM – 6PM (must purchase online) @Corner Albany and Rutland.

Erev Yom Kippur Kaporos: Tuesday, 9 Tishrei/September 14th 6PM until Wednesday 10 Tishrei/Sepember 15th 6AM

@Bais Rivkah Parking Lot, Shechita from 9:30PM

@824 Eastern Parkway, Shechita from 10:30PM

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