NBC Reporter Baffled by Unfamiliar Flag at UCLA Protest

A reporter reporting live from the protests at UCLA in California was baffled by a yellow flag being displayed on the front line, saying “I’ve never seen this flag before or this logo, I don’t know what this group is.”

A reporter reporting live from the protests at UCLA in California was baffled by a yellow flag with a crown and the word Moshiach:

“First I’ve seen of this, I’ve never seen this flag before or this logo, I don’t know what this group is, we’ve been trying to get a clear view of what that says, I think it says ‘Moshiach’ yes, I’m totally unfamiliar with what that is I’ve never seen that flag flying but that is a new thing that all of a sudden someone has brought to the front line of that, very curious about what that is.”


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  1. As 28 Nissan is coming up next week, besides having a little chuckle about the CBS reporter, we need to ask ourselves, after THIRTY THREE YEARS, how is it that a major Reporter of a major TV station has no clue what is Moshiach?
    If Moshiach is supposed to be king of the entire world and we were charged with the mission to prepare the entire world to greet Moshiach, the timeliness and Devine providence is astounding!
    You ask so a goy doesn’t know about Moshiach… nu?
    However he probably also never heard about the Seven Noahide commandments, and do ALL Yidden shlit”a lehavdil know about Moshiach?
    This is a “call to arms”!
    We want Moshiach Now! Amain!

    1. Perhaps not all know what Moshiach is. There are those few who don’t.

      But as you say, next week is כ״ח ניסן
      This is perfect time to allow the world to see & know.
      I agree with you – with a positive outlook.
      Moshiach now.

    2. Many people know what Messiah is but not necessarily the Hebrew word Moshiach.

      But absolutely, 28 Nissan = Call To Action!

  2. I’m the proud father of a son who late came to Chabad, gave me a similar wonderful daughter in law and first grandchild/son and GBW another grandchild on the way, and I think this cheek is fantastic!

  3. May this also be call to arm to get people to stop raising Mashiach flags at any given moment or opportunity. Besides, is a flag in Lubavitch inferred or even slightly alluded to by any of the Rabbeiim. This totally opposite our theme of Chassidus if you ask me.

    Any thoughts?

    1. So at this moment in time the only thing this flag represents is how much the Jewish nation UNITED needs and wants Mashiach to come….let’s get rid of the politics and division- because that’s the way he will finally come!!…..definitely a hilarious scene

    2. I once saw a mention in a Sefer regarding the Shull of the Maharal of Prague that there was a flag with the words moshiach at the front of his shull

  4. Its in sichos kodesh תשי”ד page 268 (new print)

    Besides that there where flags (including machene yisroel/mesibas shabbos) at lag beomer parade if I’m not mistaken.
    And of course the smal moshiach flags waved by the rebbe on yud shvat תשנ”ג

    1. Is that true that the Rebbe MHM waved a Moshiach flag? I wasn’t born then, but I watched the video from the satellite broadcast and I didn’t notice the Rebbe waving flag. I just noticed him encouraging the singing of yechi. I did see one of the kids in the video had a small yellow flag though I couldn’t tell exactly what it said.

    2. I don’t think a flag waved in front of the Rebbe gives license for making a public Chilul Lubavitch.
      Very astounding how things can be taken so out of context. What can we do, it’s the חושך הגלות. When things get brighter, you’ll see.

    1. There are pictures online of a flag in the shul of the Maharal but from the pictures at least I don’t see that the flag says Moshiach.

  5. You can find a source for almost anything. Yes, flags were used on occasion as a part of a parade and flags are traditionally waved by children on Simchas Torah. But does that mean that chassidim should all turn to flag waving as an avoda?

    As chassidim, we turn to what the Rebbe told us to do, not what we think. The Rebbe demanded intense Torah learning, davening, and hafatza. If you think a flag will help with one of those, so be it. But the constant waving and wearing indicates that the focus has been lost.

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