National Jewish Retreat Looks Forward to Record Year

Record presenters and attendees are heading to Miami for the 16th National Jewish Retreat, where they will enjoy top-of-the-line accommodations alongside exciting and engaging talks and workshops.

The National Jewish Retreat is gearing up for its largest enrollment to date at the Doral Hotel in Miami. A record number of presenters are scheduled to lead some of this year’s most exciting talks, workshops, and rapid-fire question-and-answer sessions. Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, is just one high-profile personality set to make a splash at the retreat. He will discuss the seismic events in Israel’s recent past in a conversation with Rabbi Motti Seligson.

The retreat expects a record crowd this year and is already almost sold out. The Doral Hotel offers a rich background for the event, and the gourmet cuisine is a big plus. Still, it’s the rare chance to access the Jewish world’s foremost speakers and personalities that has hundreds flocking to South Florida this August. Influential Chabad thinkers and speakers such as Rabbi Simon Jacobson and Rabbi Manis Friedman will lead sessions on our times’ big topics, alongside Rebbetzins Rivka Slonim and Shimona Tzukernik.

But the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute left no stone unturned to make this the Jewish event of the year. There’s a session on Jewish meditation led by Rabbi Laibl Wolf and lectures from renowned teachers Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet and Rabbi Moshe Bryski. The retreat provides a platform to hear personal stories of transformation firsthand, like Rob Fashler’s journey from Buddhism to Judaism, David Sack’s Jewish journey as a Hollywood producer, and Joyce Azria’s sojourn of faith in the fashion industry.

Of course, there’s the retreat’s signature world-class Jewish entertainment; there are concerts with Shulem Lemmer, the Holocaust Survivor Band, and Cantor Aryeh Hurwitz. And then there is the comedy show with hilarious Jewish comedian Avi Lieberman!

Starting on August 9th, 12 Av, at the Doral Hotel in Miami, the annual National Jewish Retreat looks ahead to a landmark year. Enrollment numbers are setting a new record, and more speakers than ever will appear. This year’s retreat is shaping up to be one for the books.

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Shluchim seeking more information can reach out to Rabbi Chaim Zippel: [email protected]..

National Jewish Retreat Highlights:

Embrace the Possible–Dr. Edith Eger

Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan in Conversation

What is the Jewish Response to Racism?–Rabbi Simon Jacobson

DNA as Evidence in Jewish Law–Rabbi Berel Bell

The Rabbi and the Federal Judge–Judge Roy Altman and Rabbi Berel Bell

A Wild Ride Through Hollywood–A conversation between Mr. Daniel Rosenberg and Mr. David Sacks

My Life in One Suitcase: Escape From Ukraine–Rabbi Mendel Moskovitz

Challah Bake with Mrs. Sara Briman

Coming Home: From Buddhism to Judaism–Mr. Rob Fashler

Art Workshop: Painting Your Inner Freedom–Mrs. Sara Schwartz

The Ten Commandments Undone–Mrs. Shimona Tzukernik

Of Sinful Saints and Virtuous Villains–Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson

Life’s A Climb–Rabbi Dov Greenberg

Am I Needy or Needed?–Rabbi Manis Friedman

Farbrengen–Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Overcoming Anger and Angry People–Rabbi Laibl Wolf

One People, One Heart–Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet

The Holocaust Survivor Band, accompanied by Cantor Aryeh Hurwitz

Shulem Lemmer Live in Concert!

The Rebbe’s Three Gifts–Mrs. Rivkah Slonim

Calling All Heroes–Rabbi Moshe Bryski

Monarchs, Measles, & Mitochondria–Rabbi Edward Reichman, MD

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way–Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet

A Journey of Faith and Fashion with Joyce–Joyce Azria

Law Not War–U.S Army Investigator Ben Ferencz

Launching: The Book of Jewish Knowledge

Jewish Comedy — Comedian Avi Lieberman

Chavruta Detective

People Of the Word–Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson & Rabbi Zalman Abraham

Jewish Trivia

The Future of Learning: The Holy Temple in Virtual Reality

Murder Mystery Talmud: Who Killed Rabbi Adda bar Abba?

Spirituality & Wellness–Dr. Andrew Newberg & Dr. David Romarin

Soul Talk–Rabbi Laibl Wolff 

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