MyShliach’s Yeshivas Erev Expands to 15 Countries

Each evening, some 250 boys in grades four through eight log onto Zoom to learn Mishnayos in an open and engaging 45-minute session at MyShliach’s Yeshivas Erev program.

Last year saw MyShliach launch its Yeshivas Erev program. Committed to facilitating opportunities for Yaldei HaShluchim to experience a genuine chassidishe chinuch, MyShliach saw the need for an after-school program to help boys make the most of their time. Some 250 boys in grades four through eight logged onto Zoom each evening, Monday through Thursday, to learn Mishnayos in an open and engaging 45-minute session.

“My son loves Yeshivas Erev so much.” Reports Rabbi Yossi Hecht, Shliach to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, “He goes to a community day school, so the avir Yeshivas Erev gives him is very refreshing and much appreciated.” MyShliach has received a great deal of positive feedback from parents the world over. In particular, many reported the program gave their children a renewed enthusiasm for learning. “My son leaves for school at 7:15 AM each morning and only returns at 7:00 PM, but he still would run to the computer at 7:30 every night for Yeshivas Erev,” says Mrs. Devora Vorst, Shlucha to Rotterdam, The Netherlands. “Yashar Koach for giving our kids such a chayus in learning!”

Beginning on Chof Ches Tishrei, October 4th, Yeshivas Erev will start its second year. New classes are being added, accommodating additional time zones. Previously only available to youngsters on the east coast of the United States and Israel, the program directors have expanded it to include boys living on the west coast, Europe, and Asia. The program is now open to Yaldei HaShluchim in five time zones and over fifteen countries in total. 

The boys are divided into classes by grade level, beginning with fourth grade and continuing through eighth. In each class, boys who are geographically distant from one another but share the experience of growing up on shlichus can get to know each other in a spirit of Torah learning. The boys are encouraged to discuss their learning with their teacher and learn together in chavrusas.

Raffles are held each night, with larger raffles occurring every week. Depending on participation, boys enter to win exciting prizes of all sorts which are then shipped to the Makom HaShlichus of the lucky winners. Throughout the year, as the classes complete entire mesechtas of mishnayos, beautiful siyumim and Kinusei Torah are conducted, fostering a sense of accomplishment and further involving the boys in their learning.

“MyShliach has built many new initiatives beyond its flagship chavrusa program.” Says Rabbi Yossi Elberg, director of Yeshivas Erev, “We’re confident this program will continue to help Shluchim provide a full chassidishe chinuch for their children. We’ve seen our program fostering children’s love of learning and building their knowledge of Mishnayos. By expanding, we’re pleased to be able to offer that to more families.”

“Many of these Yaldei Hashluchim live in remote areas and rarely have a chance to interact with other Young Shluchim like them” explains Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, executive director of Merkos 302, “in addition to the knowledge gained through Yeshivas Erev, the friendships that have grown as a result of this program truly uplift and encourage the Young Shluchim.

The program is available free of charge to all Shluchim. 
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