MyShliach Yeshivas Erev Celebrates Siyum

Thirty young shlucim in 7th and 8th grades celebrated a siyum last week marking the completion of Masechta Bava Kama through MyShliach’s new Yeshivas Erev program, coordinated by Rabbi Yossi Elberg.

On Wednesday 5 Adar, thirty 7th and 8th graders celebrated a siyum marking the completion of Masechta Bava Kama through MyShliach’s new Yeshivas Erev program. 

Yeshivas Erev is an initiative launched by MyShliach just over five months ago. The objective is for Yaldei Hashluchim from across the globe to get to know each other through the spirit of Torah learning. 

The siyum was an exciting and meaningful event acknowledging the boys for their wonderful achievement. Each participant received a “Siyum Box” in the mail with gifts and materials for the siyum. The Siyum began with the fathers and sons learning the last mishnah together over zoom with the other program participants.

“Thank you for such an amazing and beautiful siyum tonight!” Said Rabbi Yossi Hecht from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, “My son loves the Yeshivas Erev and is learning so much. My son goes to a community day school and the avir that Yeshivas Erev gives him is so refreshing and appreciated! Yasher Koach!”

Young shliach Nisi Yarmush from Wesley Chapel, FL  made the siyum, young shliach Meir Shmukler from Las Cruces, NM made the Haschalah of Bava Basra, and young shliach Levi Cadaner from Quad Cities, IA shared a Dvar Torah.

“Many boys have spare time in the evenings, and this program gives them the opportunity to make the most of their time in an exciting Torah way,” says Rabbi Yossi Elberg, Yeshivas Erev coordinator.

Yaldei Hashluchim can still sign up for this fun and meaningful new program by visiting

Classes are divided by grade and participants commit time to learning mishnayos each evening. Yeshivas Erev runs in two time zones, American East Coast at 7:00 PM EST, and in Europe at 6:30 PM GMT.

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