MyShliach Virtual Chavrusos Meet In-Person During Kinus

On Thursday evening of the Kinus, young shluchim from around the globe gathered for the much-anticipated annual MyShliach Chavrusa Meet-And-Greet.

On Thursday evening of the Kinus, young shluchim from around the globe gathered for the much-anticipated annual MyShliach Chavrusa Meet-And-Greet. This event allowed them to meet their Ach Sheli ‘mentors,’ turning virtual connections into face-to-face interactions.

For Yossi, a dedicated young Shliach who attends a local Day school, his weekly phone calls with his AchSheli are the week’s highlight. He eagerly awaits the moment when he can delve into a Sicha with Moishy, learn about the upcoming Yomei Depagra, and discuss his unique experiences as the only Lubavitcher boy in town. These conversations are more than just lessons; they inspire him to stand strong and proud as a Shliach.

The meetup, held in Oholei Torah, mirrored the atmosphere of a Yeshiva. Rabbi Mendy Shanowitz, director of MyShliach at Merkos 302, emphasized the importance of this program: “For many of these young Shluchim, their AchSheli ‘mentor’ is a living example of a what Chassidishe Bochur looks like. The program provides them with a role model and friend, nurturing their growth as authentic Chassidim.”

Alongside the chavrusa learning, there was also the annual in-person edition of MyShliach’s daily Yeshivas Erev. The rebbis, who teach the Mishanyos daily, also lead Farbrengens for special days and give the young shluchim an opportunity to build friendships with fellow shluchim. Meeting up in person, according to one participant, “gave me a whole new perspective, a better understanding of my ‘computer friends’.”

The annual Chavrusa Meet-And-Greet—which for the first time included a group picture of the mentors together with the young shluchim—was an educational experience and a celebration, complete with refreshments and prizes. MyShliach Ach Sheli coordinator Mendel Spritzer reflected on the energy of the evening: “It was heartwarming to see all the enthusiasm of meeting—for the first time—face-to-face,  immediately translate into learning with a chayus.”

Mendel Andrusier, a volunteer Ach Gadol and former MyShliach student himself, reminisced about his childhood chavrusa. “It was more than just learning; it was about absorbing life lessons, hearing stories of chassidim, and most importantly, experiencing genuine care and support. To my mentor Mendel: I hope you see this and know you’ve been my role model, inspiring me to pass on a geshmak in chassidishkeit to the next generation.”

This event, celebrating the collective power of community for young shluchim, is at the core of what MyShliach represents. “Living as proud shluchim on the front lines,” reflected Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302, “these Young Shluchim are a driving force for the success of the Shlichus the Rebbe entrusted us with. How powerful, at a fraught time like this, to witness their sweet voices from across the globe united in one room, joining together in Torah study.”

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