MyShliach Launches New Hakhel-Out-Of-The-Box Initiative 

Just in time for Chanukah of this special Hakhel year, a new initiative is underway to help facilitate Hakhel gatherings for young Shluchim worldwide.

Just in time for Chanukah of this special Hakhel year, a new initiative is underway to help facilitate Hakhel gatherings for young Shluchim worldwide.

In a year when the call of the hour is to unite Yidden, the new “Hakhel-out-of-the-box” program seeks to provide young Shluchim with the necessary resources to bring this spirit to themselves and their families. Geared both towards Shluchim families and designed to be shared with the wider audience in their communities, it provides a unique template for Hakhel gatherings characterized by a balance of structure and invention.

Spread throughout the world in remote locations, far away from other Chassidishe children, young Shluchim often struggle to create friendships centered around the things they value most. This innovative program is geared towards allowing the blossoming of meaningful relationships of young Shluchim with their community members in a manner that empowers them to educate and inspire their pairs.

Now shipping worldwide, Hakhel-in-a-box helps provide a structured template for a proper celebration of Shnas Hakhel. Complete with everything from treats to an editable flyer, it strikes a balance between creating structure and leaving room for improvisation. In addition to the generalized Hakhel packages, there are options for a specialized Chanukah package or one to celebrate a birthday. The options allow for personalization and flexibility in this project. The kits were carefully designed by Ms. Risa Brikman to supply all the necessary resources for these events most efficiently and creatively.

In addition to the Hakhel theme of the box, the very program itself is a form of Hakhel. “Thousands of young Shluchim around the world, in various environments, can unite and farbreng in their locations knowing that this same story, vort or even snack serves as a point of connection with hundreds of other children like them, says Rabbi Mendy Shanowitz, Director of MyShliach at Merkos 302.” It brings with it a feeling of unity and a sense of being a link in a worldwide chain, an integral part of the family of Shluchim.”

The full features in the package include an exciting arts n’ crafts project, links to a Hakhel PowerPoint and interactive game, balloons, learning material, and a Rebbe video. This eclectic mix of Chassidishkeit and fun is designed to create an atmosphere in which children can grow in their Hiskashrus while enjoying themselves, taking hachlatos, and influencing the other children in their community.

Another byproduct of these farbrengens is the elevated atmosphere they spawn in the Shluchim’s homes. “Davening and benching is noticeably different after these Farbrengens, and they give my children an added chayus in every element of their Hiskashrus,” one mother shared.

“This program is a realization of MyShliach’s primary goal to provide the young Shluchim all the elements of a Chassidishe Chinuch they would receive in a regular Lubavitch community,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, director of Merkos 302. “With this innovative program, the young Shluchim can have a full Hakhel farbrengen experience on their own and use it as a tool for their ultimate purpose, spreading Yiddishkeit amongst the children in their communities.” 

In the spirit of Hakhel, The program, while geared towards Shluchim, is also being made available to all children. 

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