My Father Was Able To Find His Geulah, Can We Find Ours?

Op-Ed by Rabbi Getzel Rubashkin: My father’s story is well-known: His family’s respected, award-winning, kosher meat company was destroyed, and he himself was targeted for personal destruction. Instead of falling into despair, depression, or self-pity, he held fast to Hashem.

By Rabbi Getzel Rubashkin

Big things are happening at Aleph Beis Gimmel, the organization dedicated to bolstering Emunah and Bitachon run by my father, R’ Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin.

So big, in fact, that he needs more space: more Shiur space for the many who come to his Shiurim and classes, more space to receive individuals and couples who come for his counsel, and more space to host the many who come each Shabbos for Chizuk and inspiration.

My father’s story is well-known: His family’s respected, award-winning, Kosher meat company was destroyed, and he himself was targeted for personal destruction. An unjust process resulted in an outrageous sentence, dooming him to twenty-seven long years in a “place called prison.”

Instead of falling into despair, depression, or self-pity, he held fast to Hashem. His Emunah and Bitachon granted him an energetic and joyful sense of purpose and profound tranquility and equanimity in the face of adversity. He inspired thousands to tap into the clarity and strength of their Neshama to cope with their hardships, but my father knew that the power of Emunah and Bitachon promises more than an inner Geulah.

“Aleph, Beis Gimmel! Emunah and Bitachon will bring about my actual Geulah!” he proclaimed again and again. And it did.

It’s an impressive story, an inspiring story, and a story that prompts us all to ask: how can we achieve the same in our own lives, with our own struggles, mundane or extraordinary? How do we find that clarity or inner strength ourselves? How do we adopt and personify the faith and trust in Hashem that makes us worthy of His miraculous salvation?

Aleph Beis Gimmel, the organization, is my father’s answer to that question. Under its auspices, he has been tirelessly educating all who want to learn about Emunah and Bitachon, both directly from the text of Shaar HaBitachon and in classes that apply its principles to real-life challenges.

The time and energy required to prepare and deliver twenty-two Shiurim each month – six for men and sixteen for women – make that a full-time job all on its own, but that’s not all he’s doing, even in the realm of education. He travels around the country and the world to speak to audiences, wherever they may be, about Emunah and Bitachon and how to apply them. He offers courses to teachers and Melamdim, equipping them to use and teach these principles in ways that are practical and relevant.

He also helps people directly by providing counseling for those who need to find clarity or emotional strength in their lives, whether they’re parents who’ve lost a child lo aleinu, a teenager grappling with their direction in life, a couple whose marriage is fraying, or just someone going through a hard time. He regularly hosts individuals and couples for Shabbos at his home and has groups – like Yeshivos, seminaries, or support groups – coming for Shabbatons of Chizuk and inspiration.

Going beyond the narrative account of “The Inside Story,” which has been a source of inspiration and instruction to many, he’s hard at work preparing a book that distills the practical clarity which we all so admire, methodically laying out the Torah foundations of emotional well-being and applying them to prevalent emotional struggles like low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and trauma.

The growing list of activities and the growing audience require expansion, and my father can’t do it alone. He needs your help to continue bringing this much-needed message to those who need to hear it – and who doesn’t?

As we prepare for Rosh HaShanah and the new year ahead, I turn to you with a personal request which is also a tremendous opportunity. Be a part of this important work. Your support will help Aleph Beis Gimmel bring Emunah and Bitachon, and thereby both an inner and a literal Geulah, to so many who need it and you will surely merit the Geulah you need in your life and happy, sweet new year.

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