Music Album Teaches Children About Chassidishe Hanhagos

Nearly two decades after shlucha Mrs. Miriam Amzalak created the album ‘In Our Rebbe’s Footsteps’, and many years after it went out of circulation, the album is now live for streaming on Spotify.

Chassidishe Hanhagos are Timeless

Nearly two decades ago, in 2005, Mrs. Miriam Amzalak a Shlucha In Oak Park, MI, had a vision to help teach young people around the globe all about chassidishe hanhagos from negel vasser to neshek

Together with her mother-in-law Mrs. Ruth Amzalak they wrote songs and created an album called “In Our Rebbe’s Footsteps” to the tune of Chabad Niggunim.

The tunes were sung by Chazan Sholom Rabin, who was then only 12 years old. 

After not being available for purchase for many years, the album is now live on Spotify and other streaming platforms allowing all to have easier access to these wonderful children’s songs.

“We hope they can continue to inspire and imbue timeless chassidishe hanhagos to our youths,” the creators said.

Click here to download the lyrics booklet.


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