Multimedia Experience Brings Shabbos Joy to Hospitalized Patients

To give hospitalized patients a joyous, authentic Shabbos experience, Chabad on Call has released “To Create Warmth,” an 18-minute multimedia event for viewing on Friday afternoons.

“To Create Warmth” is a multimedia experience bringing the warmth, love, and connection of Shabbos to healthcare centers worldwide.

Shabbos is a day focused on family and friends, warmth and connection. But for men and women alone in the hospital, Shabbos can feel like any other day.

The nurses come and go. The sights, sounds, and smells in their hospital room remain the same. There are no friends or family in sight.

To give patients a joyous, authentic, and immersive Shabbos experience, Chabad on Call has released “To Create Warmth,” an 18-minute multimedia event produced by Yuvla Media for viewing on Friday afternoons. The film follows the Jacobs family as they prepare for Shabbos and celebrate the evening with songs, stories, and festivities.

“Everyone is sharing insights, personal stories, and singing familiar tunes,” said Mrs. Chani Goldberg, Director of Chabad on Call. “It feels like you’ve joined the family for the day. You find yourself relaxing into the peaceful spirit of Shabbos.”

With live violin and piano accompaniment, the Jacobs family transforms songs like Eishes Chayil and Kol Haolam Kulo into a musical sing-along. Local Shluchim can insert a personal Shabbos message into the program, allowing the patient to see a warm, familiar face.

“Shabbos can be a very difficult time for those living under medical care,” explained Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302. “We hope that ‘To Create Warmth’ will help them experience a warm taste of Shabbos, feeling uplifted and connected every week.” 

Whether at a hospital, assisted living facility, or rehab center, the film can be set on a center’s TV channel and played every Friday afternoon. Some Shluchim are even using the film as part of their Shabbat at Home programs with a QR code printed on the kits so community members can watch the program as a pre-Shabbos guide.

Now available for all Shluchim! To bring the Shabbos Experience to a healthcare center near you, visit

 Click here to view the “To Create Warmth” Trailer.

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