Mrs. Sima Paltiel, AH

Mrs. Sima Paltiel, matriarch of a Chabad family, and the Rebbe’s second cousin, passed away on Tuesday, 11 Tishrei in Melbourne, Australia.

Mrs. Sima Paltiel of Melbourne, Australia, passed away on Tuesday, 11 Tishrei.

Mrs. Paltiel was born to Rabbi Isser and Chaya Kluwgant, who were one of the founding families of the Melbourne Lubavitch community, sent there by the Frierdiker Rebbe.

The Kluwgants were possibly the closest blood relative to the Rebbe, R’ Isser being a first cousin of Rebbetzin Chana making his daughter Sima a second cousin of the Rebbe. A rare picture of Rebbetzin Chana at Sima’s marriage to Dr. Eliezer Paltiel was published by the Nshei Chabad Newsletter in 5774.

Mrs Paltiel was a teacher for many years at Beth Rivka Ladies College.

She is survived by her children Risha Feiglin, Minna Paltiel, Leah Gedalyovich and R’ Yisroel, as well as her brother, R. Sholom Mendel Kluwgant and sister Mrs. Assia New.

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    1. The Rebbe had another first cousin: Mrs. Zelda Mishkovsky z”l with whom he had a close relationship. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that the nifteres was one of the Rebbe’s close relatives.

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