Mrs. Sima Okunov, 103, AH

Mrs. Sima Okunov, a resident of Crown Heights and sister of Rabbi Dovid Okunov hy”d, passed away on Wednesday, Chof Kislev, 5783.

Mrs. Sima Okunov, a long-time resident of Crown Heights, passed away on Wednesday, Chof Kislev, 5783.

She was 103 years old.

Sima was known for being a very special woman, wise, patient,  full of love for life and never wavering in her steadfast emunah and bitochon. She was also known for always being an exceptionally kind person to all.

Sima was born in Ramen, a small town in Ukraine, to her parents hachosid Reb Ephraim and Esther Okunov z”l.

Sima and her husband, hachosid Reb Gedalia, sacrificed their life for Torah and Yiddishkeit while under the Soviet rule and the watchful eye of the KGB. Her husband Reb Gedalia learned in underground Tomchei Temimim Yeshiva system. 

She was the sister of Rabbi Dovid Okunov hy”d.

She is survived by her daughters Tzila Burmistrovich – Israel; Frida Efros – Crown Heights; Sofa Burmistrovich – Crown Heights; grandchildren and great-grandchildren.   

She was predeceased by her husband, Hachosid Reb Gedalia z”l.

The Levaya will pass 770 at 1:30 pm today, before burial at Old Montefiore Cemetery.

Baruch Dayan Haemes.

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  1. She grew up in the home of Reb Peretz and Henya Mochkin Z”L and was a close childhood friend of their daugther Gutte Shapiro A”H. A very smart and royal woman.

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