Mrs. Pearl (Paula) Schulkind, 98

Mrs. Paula Schulkind, whose life was saved during the Holocaust by her commitment to tznius, and who raised a family in Boro Park, and in her later years lived in Mill Basin, passed away.

Mrs. Paula Schulkind, a resident of Boro Park, and in her later years of Mill Basin, Brooklyn, passed away on Wednesday, 14 Tammuz, 5782.

She was 98 years old.

Mrs. Schulkind was born in Kislev 5684 (1923) in Krakow, Poland. She was a young teenager when the Nazis invaded and she lost her parents and all her siblings in the Holocaust. She spent two years in Auschwitz and survived the infamous death march. Even during the worst of times in the Nazi death camps, Mrs. Schulkind never lost her dignity—in fact, her life was saved by her commitment to tzniyus (for the full story, see The Girl from Auschwitz). 

After the war, in the Foehrenwald DP camp, she married her husband Reb Yaakov Kopel Schulkind, a great talmid chochom and an ardent Radomsker Chosid, and moved to Brooklyn, eventually settling in Boro Park.

Mrs. Schulkind was beloved and revered by all who came in contact with her. She had a regal bearing and was always upbeat, optimistic, filled with emunah and bitachon, and never said a bad word about another.

Mrs, Schulkind is survived by her daughters Mrs. Chaya Sarah Silberberg, shluchah and rebbetzin in the Bais Chabad Torah Center of West Bloomfield, MI; Mrs. Freidy Eisen of Mill Basin, Brooklyn, and many grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren.

The levayah will be on Thursday 15 Tamuz, at Shomrei Hadas, with burial in Washington Cemetery in New Jersey.

Shivah will be at 2321 E. 64th St. in Mill Basin. After Shabbos Mrs. Silberberg will return to Michigan and will sit shivah at 6525 Beverly Crest in West Bloomfield. 

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes – Perel bas Eliyahu

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