Mrs. Mindel Sheynin, 94, AH

Mrs. Mindel Sheynin (née Hager), a resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota, who survived communist persecution, passed away on Thursday, 24 Iyar, 5781.

Mrs. Mindel Sheynin (née Hager), a resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota, who survived communist persecution, passed away.

She was 94 years old.

Born in Galicia Poland in 1927, she was the daughter of Berel and Miriam Hager of the Vizhnitz-Kosov dynasty.

Her parents narrowly escaped the Nazis by just a few hours in a horse and buggy, traveling through bullets and fighting until finally arriving in Russia and settled in a small shtetl called Poleskoya. There they had to learn how to live under Stalin’s Communist Regime, living under the shadow of constant fear of being caught for simple Jewish practices such as gathering for minyan, Pesach seders underground, observing shabbos, etc. Hiding these traditions even from their own grandchildren out of fear of being caught.

Mindel worked very hard her entire life and never took a back seat to rest. She was granted a visa to the USA at the age of 49. She learned English and spoke fluently, and was employed by a large computer company, before going on to work at Lowen’s Bakery on Kingston Ave. She then moved to Minnesota to be near her grandchildren, and became an integral part of her daughter and son in laws chabad house community.

She was extremely sharp, witty, and bright. Always with a smile, upbeat energy, and pleasant greeting. She made friends with everyone she came across. She was a very independent and strong woman, even driving herself until a few weeks before her passing.

She was a beloved mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and dear friend of many.

Her strength, perseverance, and survival is truly exceptional. She will be greatly missed.

She is survived by her daughter Mrs. Leah Giter-Roberts, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

Levaya will be on Friday, May 7th, 2:30pm at Montefiore cemetery.

Shiva will be in Crown Heights at 522 Lefferts Ave #3E

-Motzei shabbos 8:45-10:30
-Sunday 9:30-3:00
-Maariv Motzei shabbos 8:45
-Shachris Sunday 9:30am
-Mincha Sunday 2:00pm

Boruch Dayan Hoemes

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