Mrs. Fruma Junik, AH

Mrs. Fruma Junik, daughter of the mashpia R’ Avraham Boruch Pevzner and wife of the mashbak R’ Berel Junik, and the matriarch of a large Lubavitch family, passed away.

Mrs. Fruma Junik, daughter of the esteemed mashpia R’ Avraham Boruch Pevzner HYD and widow of the esteemed chossid and mashbak R’ Berel Junik, passed away on Wednesday, 2 Nissan 5784.

Born in Communist Russia, she was raised by her parents, R’ Avraham Boruch and Alta, under harsh conditions. Her father had been sent by the Frierdiker Rebbe to Minsk to serve as the rov and mashpia, and he faced opposition as soon as he arrived. Undeterred, he delivered shiurim in the local shul, and raised his children as proud chasssidim.

Still a young girl, her father was arrested by the NKVD after he had been too accepting of a certain chossid turned moiser. He was exiled to Kazakhstan and passed away there.

Struggling to raise six orphans at home and seeking to avoid sending her to government schools, Mrs. Alta sent young Fruma to stay with her sister in Moscow. During the war, she picked up her daughter and together they escaped to Samarkand where they stayed for the duration of the war.

After the war, she relocated to New York, where she married R’ Berel Junik on Sivan 9, 5714, with the Rebbe being mesader kiddushin and the participation of Rebbetzin Chana. Throughout the years, she stood by the side of her husband who devotedly served as the Rebbe’s personal mashbak.

She is survived by her children: Yosef Yitzchok Junik of Crown Heights, Nechama Itkin of Pittsburgh, Shimshon Aharon (Shamshi) Junik of Crown Heights, Meir Shlomo Junik of Crown Heights, Menachem Junik of London, Dovid Junik of Crown Heights and Chana Spielman of Crown Heights,.

She was predeceased by her husband R’ Berel Junik AH, and her son R’ Avrohom Boruch Junik AH.

The levaya will take place tomorrow, Thursday, beginning at 12:30 pm at the chapel. The levaya will pass 770 at 1:30 pm, with kevura in Montefiore Cemetery at 2:30 pm.

Boruch dayan haemes.

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