Mrs. Bebshie Rubin, A”H

Mrs. Bebshie (Basya Bryna bas Chaim Asher) Rubin of Flatbush passed away on Shabbos, 14 Elul, 5779, She was 73.

She was the wife of R’ Moshe Rubin. For several years they lived in Crown Heights and their daughters went to Bais Rivkah. As a long time electrician, he serviced many of the homes, buildings and Shuls in Crown Heights.

They were renowned for their tremendous Chesed and good hearts.

Despite suffering for nearly 45 years and being mostly bedridden with Multiple Sclerosis, she never complained and remained steadfast in her tznius, daily davening, reciting Tehilim and ensuring her family continuously grow in Torah and Mitzvos.

She is survived by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who follow in her ways, of Chesed.

Siblings Leah Yehudis (Edie) Scheiner, Boston, Rachel Andrusier, Crown Heights /Lauderhill, FL, Yossi Spanier, Flatbush, Judy Klass, Boro Park.

The husband and children are sitting Shiva in Lakewood, NJ.

Rachel Andrusier will be sitting Shiva with Yossi Spanier on Tuesday at 1483 e 13 st. in Flatbush
Wednesday morning she will be sitting till 1pm at 407 Crown St in Crown Heights and from Wednesday night till Sunday morning at
 4462 nw 66 ave. Lauderhill, FL.

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes.

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