Mountain Lodge Bungalow Colony Prints Tanya

Inspired by a video of the Rebbe, Anash families in the Chabad bungalow colony Mount Lodge in the Catskills, printed a Tanya in the merit of a full recovery for Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm.

Last motzei Shabbos, Anash around the world watched the weekly video, Mar’os Kodesh of the Rebbe, which had to do with printing the Tanya wherever Jews are to be found, to prepare the world for the true and complete Geula. The Rebbe urged everyone to take part in this, not just shluchim but Anash, Chabad Chassidim too.

Anash in the Chabad bungalow colony Mount Lodge, which is near Monticello in the Catskill Mountains, also watched the video, and they were inspired. There are 64 Lubavitcher families living there, for over thirty years now. They have had the Rebbe’s brachos and even had the Rebbe refer to the place as an “extension of Crown Heights.” Still, the Tanya had not been printed there. The idea was proposed that they print a local Tanya as a zechus for the Lubavitcher families who live there in the summer.

On Sunday, there was a festive event, with men, women and children, at the printing of the Tanya in the Chabad shul on site. On the front page it says, “Branch: Mountain Lodge, Monticello, N.Y.

The printing of this edition is dedicated as a zechus for all of Anash in the area and as a zechus for the rav of the local community, Rabbi Yeshaya Zushe ben Chana Rivka Wilhelm, for a speedy refuah shleimah in a way that goes beyond nature.

All the families in the area participated with achdus, “Chassidim ein mishpacha,” with their presence and their money, in fulfilling the Rebbe’s instruction. As is customary, they also learned chapter 32 from the freshly printed pages.

Then a “sefarim tank,” which goes around the mountains to spread the wellsprings of Chassidus, came and everyone bought new sefarim to fulfill the mivtza of “bayis malei sefarim.”

The event covered Torah, Tefilla and Tzedaka and there was a rally for children where the 12 Pesukim were said and the shofar was blown. This was an appropriate conclusion to the year and a fitting start to the new year. All wished Rabbi Wilhelm a speedy refuah shleimah and, most importantly, the immediate true and complete Geula.


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