Motzei Shabbos Adventures Your Kids Will Remember Forever

How many times have your children heard your favorite Baal Shem-Tov Story? May we suggest it’s time for a new one?

It’s Motzei Shabbos, which story of Tzaddikim will you be sharing with your children?

Everyone has their favorite Baal Shem-Tov story, but how many times has your family heard yours already?

No pressure, but it’s time to expand your repertoire!

Take your family on the exciting adventures of Yidden living in the generations before us and instill within them the strength and courage that they displayed when faced with trying circumstances.

Let them connect with the characters and find themselves in the different personalities. Allow them to learn from their examples and be inspired to live a courageous, purpose driven life.

Give them the gift of choosing their favorite story, one they will tell their children with the same sparkle in their eyes as you tell yours. 

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How exciting would it be for your children if you are the winner?

Make that happen. Buy your tickets now!

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