Motzaei Shabbos Concert Marks Finale to Uplifting Shabbaton

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At the conclusion of an uplifting Shabbos, the nearly 1,000 participants of the CKids Shabbaton culminated their immersive experience with an electrifying post Havdala concert and dancing.

This weekend, the nearly 1,000 participants of the CKids Shabbaton culminated their immersive Shabbos experience with an electrifying Havdala concert and dancing. The event, led by Jewish Music Superstars Berel Faiden and Choni Milecki, transformed the conclusion of Shabbos into a jubilant gathering of song, dance, and communal connection.

The concert, a climax of the weekend’s events, featured segments that brought the audience into the heart of the action. Children were invited on stage, becoming part of the performance and reinforcing the sense of Jewish pride that defined the entire Shabbaton. Two lucky winners received scholarships to one of the several CKids Gan Israel camps around the globe, presented to them by Mrs. Mushky Loewenthal and Mrs. Mussie Weiss of CKids International, gifting them a summer of learning, growth, and fun.

“It’s about Jewish families coming together, supporting one another, and not feeling alone in their journey to creating proud Jewish homes,” said Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302, regarding the weekend.

After a moving lineup of traditional Jewish tunes, the crowd broke out in lively dances to the classic Hebrew school tunes of “Am Yisroel Chai” and “I am a Jew and I’m Proud,” with glow-in-the-dark CKids merch to add to the fun.

Produced by Dovid Weinbaum of DW Productions and Malka Aisenbach of MA Productions, the concert extended into the night with an inspirational Melava Malka for parents, connecting with a newfound global community of shared experience.

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