‘Mothers of Crown Heights’ Now Offers Gemach for Baby Basics

To help ease the financial burden that comes along with a new baby, Mothers of Crown Heights is launching the ‘Baby Box Gemach’, to help families in need with baby essentials.

By DL Shernofsky

Mothers of Crown Heights is proud to present the Baby Box. For families in temporary need, the Baby Box gemach has baby essentials such as diapers, wipes, bottles, clothing, pacifiers, and swaddles. Spearheaded by Liba Hecht, The Baby Box boasts over twelve vendors that generously contributed to the project.

“This is a gemach with a history,” says Liba. Yaffit Yadgar and Rachel Dahan started a baby layette gemach over fifteen years ago. With the financial backing of a generous donor and with the assistance of Yossi Leverton, they amassed baby basic items, organized the packing, fielded requests, and arranged pickups.

With the high demand for these boxes and in need of extended help, they reached out to Mushka Leiter, requesting that Mothers of Crown Heights begin to provide the much-needed service.

The hope is to ease the financial burden that comes along with purchasing the large shopping list that comes with a new baby and also to provide the convenience of having it prepared so beautifully. The products are top quality and a lot of thought went into the packing.

One is assured that with each Neshama brought into the world, a new channel of blessing comes with it. May this Baby Box be only the beginning of that overflowing bounty.

Mothers of Crown Heights is the same wonderful organization that provides a baby gift when a woman in the community has a new baby. They work closely with Chabad news outlets and are directly informed after a Mazel Tov is posted. Their goal is to gift every mother. The Baby Box gemach, in contrast, is only for those families in need and is available upon request.

To request a box, visit Mothersofcrownheights.org/babybox.

It takes a village to fill a box! If you would like to participate and be a part of the project, please contact Liba at [email protected]

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