Miraculous Progress for Shlucha, Baby Needs Tehillim

Boruch Hashem, the shlucha who was in ICU after giving birth has woken up. Please continue saying Tehillim for her newborn baby daughter, Fruma Sara bas Chaya Aidela.

Please say Tehillim for a shlucha who gave birth today Chaya Aidela bas Faiga and for her newborn baby daughter, Fruma Sara bas Chaya Aidela.

Both are in the ICU, on ventilators and both are in need of Hashem’s mercy!

Update from Wednesday morning:

Thank you to everyone from around the world who is saying Tehillim and keeping the shlucha Chaya Aidela bas Faiga & her newborn baby Fruma Sara bas Chaya Aidela in your tefillos. 

Baruch Hashem there has been miracles already and the shlucha woke up and is talking! She is so grateful for everyone from around the world that davened and took on mitzvos to bring about her miracle!

Her baby Fruma Sara still needs a miracle!!

Please continue to daven and storm the heavens for *Fruma Sara bas Chaya Aidele* (kapitel א) to have a complete Refuah Shelaima and bez”h we should be able to update with more good news soon!!

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