Moshiach Curriculum Delivered to Every Shliach in America

Touched by its message, a group of Shluchim arranged for every Shliach in North America to receive a copy of the recently released curriculum from Tut Altz, exploring the ideal approach toward current events.

Several months ago, a farbrengen on Yud Shevat led a group of Shluchim to commit to a weekly gathering. They meet to discuss their shlichus, ongoing programs and share ideas for the future. The war in Ukraine has naturally been at the center of recent meetings. Their discussions brought to light the profound effect of the new WorldView curriculum on their Shlichus. The unrest in Europe has aroused many questions and concerns from their communities and they sought to relay a Torah approach to such events. The curriculum, released just two months ago, helped them communicate the viewpoint of Torah and the Moshiach perspective towards current events.

Led by Rabbi Mendy Majesky, the group was inspired to make these ideas accessible to their fellow Shluchim to learn and share. They turned to the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302 to facilitate the printing and distribution while they began to raise the necessary funds. Their efforts have ensured that every Shliach in North America will receive a hard copy of the WorldView curriculum from Tut Altz. 

“We set out to develop a curriculum which would exhibit the relevance of the Rebbe’s Geulah approach to our daily lives, shaping our views on everyday events,” remarked Rabbi Shlomie Naparstek, Director of the Moshiach Office. “The concepts are very deep, but we tried our best to present them in a friendly and simple fashion that everyone can appreciate.”

Shluchim have already begun receiving their copies of the curriculum in the mail. With the famous Sicha from Shabbos Parshas Mishpatim, 5752 at its core, WorldView explores the lens through which the Rebbe sees current events and their role in the Moshiach narrative. The Rebbe’s outlook shared in the Sicha is extremely telling and highly relevant to how Chassidim are to process and digest current events. The curriculum broadens this novel perspective based on various works throughout the Rebbe’s Torah.

“I have encountered many of these Sichos before, but the way the ideas are presented in this curriculum, with context, explanation, and application, is truly eye-opening,” shared Rabbi Levi Levitin, JBN Director at Chabad of the Rivertowns in Dobbs Ferry, NY. “When learning and sharing the material with baalei batim, they have been fascinated by the deep ideas and inspired by the refreshing perspectives.”

“I don’t often use hyperbole, but this is mindblowing. Transformative words!” David texted Rabbi Levitin after they learned Worldview. 

WorldView is the fourth part of the six-part Moshiach Mindset series from Tut Altz. Each section delves into another area of life, seeking to implement the Rebbe’s call to “live with Moshiach.” The series has been taught worldwide in schools, Chabad Houses, and Yeshivos.

“Many of us are shaken by the current state of the world,” said Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, executive director of Merkos 302. “As Chassidim, It’s important for us to take comfort and strength from the Rebbe’s timeless teachings and share them with others.” 

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