Camp Directors, Schools, and Merkos, Collaborate To Address Dilemma

Camp Directors, Schools and Merkos got together to fix the yearly problem that plagued so many schools and camps each year: planning camp all year long.

In what has become a yearly challenge, despite good intentions, many high school students worry and plan for the summer throughout the school year, distracting them from their studies, even when camp’s commencement is many months away. To address this growing issue, CKids, Mechanchos and Camp Directors have partnered to launch a platform ensuring that girls can set aside summer preparations and focus on their studies.

For years, high school students would worry and plan for the summer throughout the school year despite camp being many months away. The CKids Gan Israel Directory solves that, ensuring that girls can set aside summer plans and preparations until absolutely necessary. It also achieves the benefit of all girls being on equal footing, with the same information for all camps available to everyone.

“As someone who had the zchus of being a Shlucha and directing a CGI for many years, and now has the zchus to be the principal in Beis Rivkah High School, I feel I have a real understanding of both the needs of the Shluchim as well as our students.” said Mrs Miriam Heber, principal of Beis Rivka High School, “I truly believe that with proper communication, collaboration and cooperation between the school Hanhalah and camp directors, we can come up with a plan that will benefit everyone.”

Together, the mosdos planned a comprehensive camp directory for staff and directors. Each entry in the directory will have a list of all necessary information such as length of camp, ages needed, as well as details such as accommodation and transportation. Starting from the 18th of Shvat, every prospective staff member will be able to see a list of available Camp Gan Israel locations worldwide.

“At CKids, we are constantly trying to solve pain points for Shluchim on the front lines, so they can focus their energy and be more effective in their Shlichus,” says Rabbi Zalmy Loewenthal, Director of CKids at Merkos 302. “The directory was an organic result of that mission.”

The staff listing is the latest addition to the CKids CGI Resource Center website. Developed by CKids with CGI camp directors Rabbi Sholom Block and Rabbi Levi and Mushka Weinbaum, the resource site is where CGI staff and camp directors can go to find all the resources they need, from budgeting and marketing to games and discounted equipment, all critical elements of running an efficient and enjoyable Gan Israel day camp.

“The camp experience is critical to a Jewish child’s development. It provides an opportunity to experience their heritage in a fun and immersive fashion,” said Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302. “Staff are a critical part of that experience, and we are proud to have facilitated this collaborative effort to ensure campers, staff, and directors can have the ultimate experience.”

CGI Camp directors can add their listing here:  

The list of camps on the website will open on the 18th of Shvat. From that day on, prospective staff members can begin their summer journey by visiting
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