Moscow Yeshiva Students Spread Light Throughout Russia 

Students of Moscow’s Yeshiva Ketana set out for 3 days to strengthen Jewish communities across Russia as their polite and well-mannered behavior caused a great kiddush Hashem.

“It is known that the Frierdiker Rebbe told the shuchim of the yeshivas that their task is to reap – to collect – gashmius, and to sow ruchnius, and as is explained in the holy Zohar, the task must be done with great joy and gladness, which brings down abundant success and blessings from above as joy breaks all boundaries!”

This was but a fragment from what the Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar told the students of Moscow’s Yeshiva Ketana two days before they all boarded their trains and planes to various cities throughout Russia. In preparation of this unique trip, the students had a special farbrengen with the Chief Rabbi, as well as the Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Moshe Lerman, the Mashpia Rabbi Chonon Teichtel, and the rest of the educational staff.

This unique journey, with the goal of bringing light to thousands of Jews all over the vast country, was sponsored by Chassidic philanthropist Reb Yehuda Davidov. As a project of his Fund 770, which was set up to assist Russia’s Jews, he decided to fund this important project in which about one hundred Yeshiva Ketana students were sent out to different cities throughout Russia, including remote and faraway cities in Siberia, in order to strengthen and awaken the local Jews.

Indeed, after intense preparation, both physically and spiritually, overseen by the Talmidei HaShuluchim, the boys set out on flights and trains, with suitcases full of Judaica items, Jewish books in Russian, and kosher lemehadrin food products. In conjunction with the Jewish community that hosted them, they visited many homes, putting up mezuzos, helping people put on tefillin, bearing Jewish books and more.

The highlight of the journey was on Shabbos day, when the local shuls saw many new faces, as curious Jews came to see this unusual sight of such young rabbis who wear their Yiddishkeit proudly, standing and speaking in front of the crowds, encouraging the singing, and even teaching Torah classes. It is no surprise that these boys are such experienced pros, as this is the Chassidic upbringing they received in their homes as the sons of Russia’s dedicated shluchim.

Indeed, this uplifting Shabbos made great waves and caused an awakening in the local Jews to send their children to Jewish schools and yeshivas. Seeing these young teens, who, having studied only Jewish subjects all their lives, are so wise and knowledgeable, polite and well mannered, caused a great kiddush Hashem. In light of this great success, other yeshivas in Moscow are considering sending groups of their students as well to bring light to Russia’s many Jews.

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