Moscow Chabad Hosts Hundreds of Guests Over Yom Tov

Chabad of Moscow, under the auspices of Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar, built multiple large sukkos to feed the hundreds of local Yidden over the first days of Yom Tov.

Photos: Levi Nazarov

The Chabad house of Moscow, known as the Marina Rosha, built multiple large sukkos to feed the hundreds of locals who came to enjoy a Yom Tov meal over the first days of Sukkos.

The sukkos were located in the shul’s yard, and in various nearby locations. The huge operation was headed by Russia’s chief Rabbi Berel Lazar. All the meals were served by volunteers and were offered free of charge to anyone who walked in.

The beautiful initiative touched hundreds of people in the past two days and gave many more the opportunity to bentch lulav and esrog and eat in a sukka.

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