Monumental Chassidus Project Debuts at Wedding

With tremendous excitement, participants at the wedding of Elchonon and Nomi Elisheva Boymelgreen received a memento from chosson’s parents, a first installment in a monumental project that will have long-reaching effects for the study of Chassidus.

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When participants at the wedding of Elchonon and Nomi Elisheva Boymelgreen received the memento from R’ Shaya Boymelgreen, the response was of great excitement and anticipation.

The memento, a blue booklet, is the first installment of a new project launched in honor of Yud Alef Nisan, of the Tanya with Chassidus Mevueres Commentary translated into English.

R’ Shaya, a staunch supporter of Chassidus Mevueres, was thus distributing this first segment of Chapter 32 in a first installment of the much larger project; one that will have far-reaching effects on the study of Chassidus, by ever-widening audiences.

Under the visionary leadership of Rabbi Yaakov Leib Altein, the Hebrew volumes of Chassidus Mevu’eres on Tanya have been received with great enthusiasm and wide acclaim. Clear and flowing explanations, together with deep insights, have opened the gates of Chassidus even to the uninitiated, and provides seasoned scholars with an encyclopedic window into the depth and breadth that lies behind each word penned by the Alter Rebbe.

The immense success of the Hebrew edition has inspired an ever-growing demand for the very same material to be made accessible in English. After much effort, Heichal Menachem has finally launched the first segment in this monumental new project.

“We hope to bring the sweet teachings of Chabad Chassidus, in their full depth and breadth, to all English readers who seek illumination for the mind and inspiration for the heart,” they said.

Chassidus Mevu’eres in English follows the basic template of the Hebrew edition. A line-by-line commentary explains and clarifies the simple meaning of the text. Alongside the main commentary, deeply researched footnotes delve into additional dimensions, yielding more profound insights. Even with all the many rich details, it doesn’t lose sight of the larger picture; the Tanya is a systematic work, and each element is in harmony with the whole.

Notably, this is not simply a translation of the Hebrew edition. The English readership is a distinct and unique audience, and a great deal of thought has been given to presenting the material anew.

“The new publication represents the beginning of a new era in the dissemination of the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov, as explained and illuminated by the Alter Rebbe. We hope our efforts will hasten the coming of Moshiach and the fulfillment of the promise: “No longer shall one person teach their friend… saying, ‘Know Hashem.’ Because they will all know Me” (Yirmiyahu 31:33),” the editors said.

Just a few days after the print of the first installment, Mrs. Chana Fradil Boymelgreen, mother of R’ Shaya, sadly passed away. The entire Chassidus Mevueres team sends their heartfelt condolences.

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  1. Wonderful to see! The attractive modern design will make it easier for readers to open it up and learn it. It would be exciting to see a page or two inside the book! Would that be possible?

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