Montreal’s Yagdil Torah Community Concludes Vibrant Season

As the conclusion of the winter, Yagdil Torah Montreal reflects on a season full of remarkable activity, including a Kollel for men, programs for families, Siyum Harambam, and a Shabbos Hachana ahead of Yud Alef Nissan.

As we traversed the final stretch of winter and stepped into the month of Nissan, Yagdil Torah Montreal bustled with significant achievements and communal engagement.

Kollel Avrechim

This winter witnessed the inception of a unique initiative at Yagdil Torah – the Kollel Avrechim. Selected members of the community’s esteemed “Klei Kodesh” undertook the task of reaching out to fellow community members lacking a structured learning routine. By offering personalized learning sessions tailored to individual interests, this initiative not only bolstered the already vibrant atmosphere of Torah study but also fostered deeper connections within the community.

Purim Family Event

A joyous Purim celebration unfolded at Yagdil Torah, bringing together families for an evening of festivities. The Megillah was recited, captivating both adults and children alike, followed by a delightful spread and an enchanting magic show.

Siyum Harambam

The completion of the learning cycle of the Rambam was commemorated with a spirited Farbrengen at Yagdil Torah. As participants reflected on their achievements, Rabbi Moshe Weiss, Shliach of the Rebbe in Sherman Oaks, CA, inspired the gathering to deepen their commitment to learning, echoing the sentiment of bringing Nachas to the Rebbe.

Grand Shabbos and Women’s Event in Preparation for 11 Nissan

As the community anticipated the arrival of Pesach and the significance of 11 Nissan, a weekend of learning and inspiration was organized at Yagdil Torah.

Rabbi Moshe Kesselman, a distinguished Rabbi from Los Angeles, led engaging sessions and Farbrengens, focused on navigating the challenges of exile and imbuing daily life with spiritual meaning. The weekend culminated in a special gathering for the women of the community, emphasizing their pivotal role in fostering a vibrant Jewish home.

As we enter the month of Nissan, we reflect on its timely significance. Just as our ancestors were redeemed from Egypt during Nissan, we anticipate our ultimate redemption from exile. May we merit to witness a miraculous redemption both in Eretz Yisroel and throughout the world.

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