Montreal Seminary Girls Learn from the Rebbetzin’s Modesty

In honor of 22 Shvat, seminary students in Montreal held a day of learning and discussion of contemporary issues, including peer pressure, personal growth, and the Rebbetzin’s modesty.

Wednesday, Erev Chof Beis Shvat, the seminary held a program remembering the Rebbetzin, whose name it carries, with Vhachai Yiten el Libo, taking her message and life to heart.  

The Seminary girls heard from Mrs. Esther Friedman, Shlucha in Kansas, who shared her memories of the Rebbetzin and growing up in Crown Heights in the early days. She showed how we can learn from the Rebbetzin that modesty really means being true to oneself and is a projection of who we are.  

Continuing on the theme of the external reflecting the internal, the girls explored their colors and palettes with Mrs. Shaina Steinmetz, Shlucha and color palette specialist from Sarasota, Florida.

The day concluded with a panel discussing candid subjects affecting teenagers today. Topics included: Peer pressure, life decisions, personal growth, and the role of a Bas Chabad in 2021. Panel members were Mrs. Chany Gniwisch, Mrs. Chanie Gansbourg, and Mrs. Chanie Mockin. The panel discussion was joined by the Beth Rivkah High School Seniors.

Surely the inspiration of today will continue to give the Rebbe and the Rebbetzin  much Nachas. 

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