Montreal Section C Tested on Month of Learning

This past Sunday, 120 bochurim of Section C in Camp Gan Yisroel Montreal took an optional “Final” on all that they learned over the course of the first month.

This past Sunday 120 bochurim of Section C (7th grade CGI Montreal) took an optional “Final” on all that they learned over the course of the first month.

The quota, which was a lot larger than in the past, covered 4 Daf Gemara, a Ma’amar Chassidus from the Friediker Rebbe, many Halachos in Shulchan Aruch, stories in Ein Yaakov, and Perek 11 of Hilchos Melech Hamoshiach in the Rambam, all of which was on the test.

The final, consisting of 50 multiple choice questions, was written by the learning teachers and required a very thorough knowledge and understanding of all that was learned in order to get a passing mark.

Being that the test was completely optional, most of the Chazarah was done out of class. Optional Chazzarah Sedurim took place for a few days during the regular time for swimming (as this was during the nine days) with teachers being present to answer questions and to give general summaries.

Over 85 bochurim passed the test and received a prize as well as a special late-night with the learning directors Leibel Simpson and Mendel Lerner.

“It’s truly a big accomplishment”, said the learning directors. “We learned over the course of one month, what is normally covered in “Section C” over a full summer. To have such a success in the test with such a large amount of material is very special.”

The learning directors also wanted to thank all of the learning teachers:

Tzviki Zweibel, Moshe Hildishaim, Menachem Jelen, Mendy Grunwald, Mendel Jacobson, Mendel Gootblat, Mendel Benjaminson, Yisrolik Wagner, Dovid Barash, Avremel Labkowski, Zalman Cunin and Mendel Zavdi.

For all their hard work throughout the month and for all the additional hours put into writing the test and ensuring its success.

Here are a list of all those who passed:

Mordechai Kaplan, Mendel Itkin, Dov Perman, Yisroel Lein, Arye Sandhaus, Dovid Yarmush, Yisroel Chaim Bell, Mendel Bush, Levi Hadad, Gavi Kudan, Moshe Lew , Avraham Lustig, Mordchai Posner, Yehuda Silberstein, Yosef Steimetz, Levi Bistritzky, Noach Ehrenreich, Yitzchak Ganzberg, Yossi Hershkop, Menachem Kahanov, Moshe Katz, Berl Lightstone, Sholom Loshack, Shlomo Matusaf, Avraham Okunov, Levi Plotkin, Sholom Steinberg, Nisin Vaisfishe, Shneur Werner, Mendel Wolvosky, Chaim Alevski, Gabi Baumgarten, Zalmy Bell, Shalom Bluming, Gavriel Bongart, Menachem Borenstein, Yaisef Bryski,, Yisroel Cunin,, Yossi Deitsch, Shimon Fajnland, Avraham Fischer, Menachem Friedman, Boruch Ginsberg, Menachem Golowinski, Elya Herskovic, Mendel Hildeshaim, Levi Jacobson, Daniel Kalmanson, Shneur Marlow, Menachem Marrus, Menachem Muchnik, Mendy Osdoba, Avi Piamenta, Schneur Rosenblum, Aizik Russ, Yehuda Schochet, Avraham Segal, Eli Shneur, Dovber Simpson, Avrohom Sirota, Menachem Sirota, Menachem Stone, Gavriel Tenenbaum, Avremel Wilhelm, Gershon Wilhelm, Daniel Wolfson, Arye Segal, Eliyahu Benshimon, Dovi Bornstein Mendel Bornstein, Shmulie Boyarski, Sholom Deitsch, Levi Estrin, Avraham Feiglin, Mendel Hickson, Hershel Korik, Yosef Kravitzki, Menachem Levy, Menachem Majesky, Aharon Moshiach, Mendel Najar, Shmuel Potash, Levi Sandhaus, Menachem Schusterman, Shneur Spielman, Baruch Teldon, and Mendel Zwiebel.

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