Montreal Rov Impressed by Crown Heights Semicha Students

Photos: Menush Amit

Rabbi Refael Dovid Banon of the Montreal Beis Din, tested the students of Lemaan Yilmedu Semicha program who displayed exemplary knowledge of the practical halachos.

Photos: Menush Amit

Although we are in the midst of the hot summer, at Lemaan Yilmedu the learning continues. The first cycle of learning for semicha is coming to a close.

After successfully completing learning hilchos basar b’chalav, the talmidim are finishing hilchos taaruvos and, b’ezras Hashem, over the next two months, they will also finish hilchos melicha.

The grand siyum will take place at the beginning of Tishrei in Oholei Torah with the participation of the semicha committee and those who have earned their semicha along with their families.

Yesterday (Tuesday), there was a test for the students in Crown Heights which was given by Rabbi Refael Dovid Banon, member of the beis din in Montreal and dayan of the Chabad community there.

Rabbi Banon tested the talmidim for an hour and a half and they displayed a broad knowledge of the halachos, with an emphasis on practical application – what to do when a question arises. Rabbi Banon was most impressed and said that he had thought the curriculum would be just enough to get by but now he sees that the learning is serious and thorough.

The director of the machon, Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm, thanked Rabbi Banon who gave of his time to come to the exam and encouraged the students to continue learning next year too, in one of the new courses: hilchos Shabbos and hilchos chuppa and kiddushin.

Registration for next year’s semicha course is coming to an end. Those who are interested need to register as soon as possible to ensure their spot in the class.

For information and details about the Lemaan Yilmedu programs:

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