Montreal Fathers Celebrate Siyum with Kita Alef Sons

Fathers of students in Rabbi Yisroel Menkes’ Kita Aleph class of YTTL Montreal visited the yeshiva to spend quality time to show off their knowledge and celebrate a Siyum of Parshas Bereishis.

On Sunday Rosh Chodesh Adar 2, the fathers of the students in R’ Menkes’ Kita Aleph class of YTTL – Montreal visited Yeshivah to spend quality time together with their sons in honor of their Siyum of Parshas Bereishis.

The students demonstrated to their fathers how well they can review the entire Perek Aleph inside the Chumash. Afterward, they sang the heartfelt niggun of Kol Bayar together.

Then fathers and sons worked together to fill out a worksheet that covered all the Chumash learned (in first grade) so far this year. This was followed by an exciting Chumash game on the projector. Finally, a delicious pizza lunch was enjoyed by all.

A big thank you to all the parents who helped sponsor the pizza! Overall, it was a heartwarming program. It was so beautiful to see fathers take time from their busy schedules and spend quality time with their son. It gave the students (and fathers) a great sense of pride in all of the hard work they have invested throughout the year.

The fathers loved the experience and were excited to share their feedback:

It was so special today to spend time with my son Ari in his classroom together with Rabbi Menkes.

I could not be more happy with how Ari was reading the Chumash, every word out loud , pointing inside, and shuckling back and forth. Ari showed so much chayus and love for learning Chumash.  At home, Ari is always singing chassidishe niggunim and pulling off a Chumash from the shelf to learn. I am very thankful to Rabbi Menkes for being such a good teacher and for instilling wholesome yiddishkeit and chassidushkeit into Ari. – R’ Mendel Abrabowitz

As a YTTL Montreal graduate, it was so incredible to experience sitting next to my son and learning Chumash in the Yeshiva where I grew up.

The learning and connection with my son Ezra was beautiful, and what made it even better was seeing how much education advanced since I was a Tomim. The Milim games on screen, the climbing wall in the back, and other ideas Rabbi Menkes has incorporated into his classroom are awesome, and Baruch Hashem Ezra is thriving. – Rabbi Tzvi Hershkowitz

Watching our son chazar the entire parshas bereishis was truly remarkable. His chayus and geshmak and pride being a Tomim in YTTL is a true testimony of the devotion of Rabbi Menkes and the Ahavas Hatorah he gives over.

Thank you Rebbi for all you do! – Rabbi Levi Karp

It was so beautiful to see the energy, the confidence that the boys have in their learning, and the chayus of yiddishkeit being instilled them by R’ Menkes.

A remarkable hour of nachas. Yasher Koiach to all the melamdim and hanholo! – R’ Dovid Russ

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