Montreal Farbrengen Inspires Chassidim to Travel to the Rebbe

150 Lubavitchers from Montreal joined a Gimmel Tammuz farbrengen with Rabbi Yosef Chaim Kantor, Head Shliach of Thailand, held a the Yagdil Torah Center. Rabbi Kantor stressed the importance of traveling to the Rebbe.

Photos: Shneur Mann

On Tuesday, 2nd day of Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, Yagdil Torah Montreal invited a very special guest to Farbreng in preparation for Gimmel Tammuz, Rabbi Yosef Chaim Kantor, Head Shliach of Bangkok, Thailand.

150 people joined the farbrengen that started with a shiur on the Maamar Veato Tezaveh followed by a lively and meaningful Farbrengen, where the focus was about “Yesh Rebbe beYisroel” connecting to the Rebbe in this day in age.

Rabbi Kantor placed a big focus on traveling to the Rebbe for Gimmel Tamuz and many that were not sure if they are traveling took a hachloto right then and there to travel to the Rebbe. He stressed that going to the Rebbe and connecting to the Rebbe is for our good and not that we are doing it for the Rebbe, also

He underscored the idea that every Chossid is a Shliach of the Rebbe wherever he might be and we just need to be ready to be the Rebbe’s hand and feet to help and ignite another Yid, and doing it with joy, we have to be happy Chassidim!

The Farbrengen went way into the night with everyone coming out of there uplifted.

Yagdil Torah hosts daily shiurim and chavrusos attracting tens of Baalei batim from the community to weekly Hakhel shiurim in their offices and homes where they have the opportunity to invite their colleagues, neighbors and friends.

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