Months Long Effort Pays Off for Sacramento Student

Last Yud Tes Kislev, 8th grade students at the Sacramento Jewish Academy were inspired to join their community’s chalukas Ha’Shas. Just 4 months later, student Nachi Rosenblat led a festive siyum for his classmates.

Last Yud Tes Kislev, 8th grade students at the SJA Mechina in Sacramento, California were personally inspired to join the Northern California Shluchim and Anash in their chalukas Ha’Shas.

Students Levi Brownstein took on to learn Masechta Taanis, Levi Grossbaum chose Masechta Avos, Levi Korik and Nachi Rosenblat learned Masechta Brochos.

Within just 4 months, talmid Nachi Rosenblat completed all 64 blatt of the masechta Brachos and led a festive siyum for his classmates along with their teacher Rabbi Yoel Eidelman.

The talmidim are all studying their respective masechtos on their own time, in addition to the regular Mechina seder. “It’s very impressive and encouraging to see talmidim during recess or after school hours poring over a Gemara,” says Rabbi Yossi Korik, menahel of the SJA Mechina.

During the siyum, Nachi Rosenblat shared several stories from the masechta that reflect the importance of constant Torah learning and how a Yid can’t survive without Torah.

Rabbi Yoel Eidelman, who inspires his talmidim with the love and chayus in Torah, enthusiastically motivated Nachi and the other talmidim to complete many more masechtos in Shas.

Other talmidim are also close to completing their respective masechtos and siyumim will follow.

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