Pomona Reviews Hilchos Pesach

Igud Avreichei Lubavitch of Monsey recently organized a series of two shiurim reviewing necessary halachos in preparation of Pesach. The shiurim were hosted by Bais Levi Yitzchok in Pomona and were delivered by Rabbi Gedalia Oberlander, rov of Heichel Menachem in Monsey.

The first shiur took place on Wednesday 27 Adar II and was entitled “Where does Pesach Cleaning End and Spring Cleaning Begin.” It covered the halachos of what to clean, how far to go with the cleaning, and what to sell with the chometz.

The second shiur, entitled ” The Basics of Kashering a Kitchen and Kelim for Pesach,” was just that. A hands-on demonstration of how to prepare your kitchen.

Anash.org presents the audio of the two shiurim here.

Shiur #1 – Pesach Cleaning

Shiur #2 – Kashering a Kitchen

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