Monsey Kollel Celebrates First Year of Learning with Unique Publication

Kollel Anash of Monsey celebrated the conclusion of their first year of learning by publishing a kovetz. The booklet contains a list of sixteen topics and sources in Halacha and Chassidus which participants have learned since it’s inception in Shevat 5781.

In honor of the completion of their first year of learning, Kollel Anash of Monsey published a kovetz which contains a list of sixteen sugyos in Halacha and Chassidus which were learned by the participants of the Kollel throughout the past year since it’s inception, in Shevat 5781.

“Boruch Hashem, the kollel is growing,” said director Rabbi Levi Teichtel. “We currently have 30 anash attending on an ongoing basis, and many more interested in joining after Tishrei.”

The Kollel takes place twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday evenings. An hour is spent learning in-depth topics in both Halacha and Chassidus, accompanied by introductory Shiurim by renowned Magidei Shiurim.

The kovetz, compiled by Rabbi Moshe Browd, will serve as a helpful resource for those that have participated in the Kollel throughout the year, enabling them to review the concepts they have learned, as well as for those who have not yet attended the Kollel, making use of the list of topics and sources for future learning.

The kollel would like to express their deep gratitude to the founder and benefactor of the Kollel, Rabbi Simcha Werner of the NCFJE of Rockland County, for the countless hours he puts into the Kollel to ensure its success and for personally taking on the financial responsibility to ensure that the Kollel becomes a reality.

They would also like to thank Rabbi Dovid Weber, Rav of Beis Menachem Mendel Lubavitch in Pomona, NY, for championing the foundation of the Kollel and for his continued steadfast support ensuring the Kollel’s success. Appreciation is also due to Beis Menachem Mendel Lubavitch of Pomona for hosting the kollel.

Click here to download the kovetz.

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