Monsey Farbrengen Draws Diverse Crowd of Locals

A varied crowd of hundreds of Monsey residents joined the annual Yud Tes Kislev farbrengen organized by the local Heichal Menachem, and addressed by Rabbi Efraim Mintz, Rabbi Yosef Klein, Rabbi Tzvi Telsner, and the Puppa Rov of Monsey.

Yud Tes Kislev has been celebrated, for over two centuries, by chassidim of all circles marking the yom hilula of the Holy Maggid of Mezritch and the release from prison of the Alter Rebbe, and so it has been for the past 10 years in Monsey.

Motzei Shabbos Parshas Vayishlach is celebrated annually by hundreds at a gala melava malka imbibed with Toras HaChassidus; rejoicing in the simcha of the Alter Rebbe who had promised nachas from one’s children for partaking in his simcha.

This past Motzei Shabbos, the Rockland County community celebrated its annual Yud Tes Kislev commemoration, organized by the director of Heichal Menachem of Monsey, R’ Dovid Oberlander, son of its founder and Rov, Hagaon Harav Gedalia Oberlander.

The melava malka was attended by prominent local rabbonim and drew a diverse crowd of several hundred people, representing the entire spectrum of Yidden, all in their yearning and appreciation for Toras HaChassidus.

Rabbi Efraim Mintz chaired the evening masterfully, as he enamored the audience with his riveting remarks introducing the evening as well as the speakers.

Rabbi Yosef Klein, Mashpia of Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim of Nyack, New York, opened the evening mesmerizing the crowd as he passionately shared how Chassidus demands of us pnimiyus and its significance.  Harav Reb Pinchas Chaim Greenwald, Pupa Rov of Monsey, enthralled the participants with his fiery talk about the importance of learning Chassidus.

He shared his personal connection to Toras HaChassidus and how his ancestors made it their lifeline; the talmidim of the Arugas Habosem’s Yeshiva had a deep understanding and appreciation for Tanya, his son, the V’Yagid Yaakov exclaimed that Chassidus is “mechaya meisim b’guf u’vnefesh” and the Vayechi Yosef remarked that “the bit of yiras shomayim that he has, he acquired through learning Kuntres U’Mayan of the Rebbe Rashab.

The highlight of the evening was the keynote speaker Harav Tzvi Telsner, rov and shliach to Melbourne, Australia, who impressed upon the assembled the sweetness of Torah and Yiddishkeit when we learn Chassidus, and how crucial it is in today’s day.

Throughout, the evening was enhanced with various chassidishe niggunim, sung by the Rabin brothers, inspiring and lingering on as the crowd unanimously got up to sing and dance  late into the night, culminating with a geshmake farbrengen with Rabbi Telzner, as chassidim are notorious for.

Hundreds upon hundreds flocked to buy seforim of Chassidus, at prices drastically reduced for this unique occasion. All attendees were gifted with a tshura, printed for the event, containing a biography and mamorim in remembrance of the chozer and mashpia Harav HaChossid Reb Yoel Kahn, a”h.

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