Monsey Cheder Students Joyously Welcome New Torah

With great fanfare and tremendous joy, students at Cheder Chabad Monsey welcomed a new Sefer Torah into their school. Every class danced with the Torah and every talmid had the opportunity to kiss the Torah.

A momentous event took place last Sunday at Cheder Chabad Monsey, a new Sefer Torah was welcomed into the cheder with great fanfare and tremendous joy.

The Sefer Torah was dedicated by R’ Yosef Hott and family, in memory of his father Reb Meir Hott.

The entire boy’s cheder went outside to greet the Torah which was brought under a chupa giving the proper respect to the Torah. The 8th-grade bochurim held torches to add honor and glory while escorting the Torah.

The Sefer Torah was written in a beautiful ksav and is adorned with a magnificent mantel with the Cheder logo embroidered on it.

After the Menahel Rabbi Leivke Kaplan addressed the entire school, every class with their Rebbi danced with the Torah and every talmid had the opportunity to kiss the Torah. Lively music to the tunes of traditional Hakofos nigunim were played by the talented Eli Rimler.

The Talmidim were served mezonous and grape juice to make L’chaim on once the sefer Torah was placed in the Aron Hakodesh.

“The simcha was tremendous and will surely leave an everlasting impression on our talmidim, imbuing them with a love and honor of the Torah,” the staff said.

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