Live: 3D Presentation of Rambam’s Kiddush Hachodesh

Live at 8 PM: A special visual 3D presentation in Crown Heights by Rabbi Chaim Shmuel Friedman will bring the planets to life to understand the Rambam’s Kiddush Hachodesh. Due to popular demand, the presentation will be streamed live on

One picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to understanding complex halachos.

Many who follow the Rebbe’s takana of learning the entire Rambam annually find the halachos of Kiddush Hachodesh to be among the most challenging sections of the 14 books of Mishneh Torah. Historically, only a select group of talmidei chachamim were fluent in the intricate calculations involving the sun, moon, and stars, which result in the molad and other related phenomena.

With hilchos Kiddush Hachodesh coming up in the cycle of shlosha perakim, a special visual 3D presentation will be held in Crown Heights providing an unparalleled understanding of these complex concepts.

The presentation will be led by Rabbi Chaim Shmuel Friedman, creator of the acclaimed Beis Hamikdash 3D presentation “VeHarenu Bebinyano.” The Kiddush Hachodesh presentation will bring to life the subjects discussed in the Rambam, such as the molad, mahalach hashemesh, mahalach halevana and so on. This will enable participants to fulfill the Rebbe’s takana properly.

The event, organized by the Lubavitch Youth Organization, will take place on Monday night, 19th of Iyar (May 27th), at Kollel Menachem, 1483 Union St.

Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of these vital Torah concepts with the help of cutting-edge visual aids!


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  1. As it will include a 3D presentation. Should be easy enough to share online this presentation.
    YouTube – Zoom – live broadcast?

    I’m sure there are 100’s more as myself that would like to – be interested to join unable to physically be there.

    Thank you

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