Moments Before Shabbos, Thousands of Teens Pack 770

Photos: David Katash/

In the last minutes before Shabbos began, thousands of CTeeners packed into 770, first passing through the small zal and davening in the Rebbe’s room before filling the main shul.

Thousands of CTeens packed into 770 on Friday afternoon, taking a moment to daven in the Rebbe’s room before heading into the main shul, where they took over most of the main shul for a grand study session and a lively kabbalas Shabbos. 

Many of the CTeen groups also visited 770 throughout Shabbos day, utilizing their visit to daven, learn, and farbreng with Crown Heights locals.

Shabbos concluded with havdala, where once again tens of CTeen yarmulkes could be seen among the crowds.

All photos were taken before the start of Shabbos

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