Modern-Day Miracle From Man Who Gives Maiser Like in Biblical Days

When Rabbi Gershon Avtzon heard from a shliach in need, he couldn’t imagine how he could help him. That was until he was connected with a nearby countryman who tithed and was looking for a Levite…

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A few weeks ago, on Chof Ches Shvat, Rabbi Gershon Avtzon was celebrating his birthday and making calls to his family and friends to bentch them on his special day. One of the calls he made, was to a friend of his who is a shliach.

“I asked my friend how he doing, and how are things going for him in his shlichus” says Rabbi Avtzon. “He shared with me that although things are difficult, somehow everything always works out with the brachos of the Rebbe. Every end of the month when bills are due, the money comes from somewhere- it’s just a wonder from where it will come from each time.”

When Rabbi Avtzon heard about his friend’s plight, he vowed to help him. At his birthday farbrengen later that night, he made a hachlata to send $100 a week to a group of shluchim in need and added his friend to the tzedaka rotation.

“Two weeks later,” shares Rabbi Avtzon, “a shliach who lives a drive away from me called me up on erev Shabbos and asked me if my friend who is that same shliach who I spoke to on my birthday is a Levi. I was curious as to why he needed that information, but I confirmed that he is a Levi and hung up the phone. “

An hour later, at two pm, on erev Shabbos Parshas Tetzave, that same shliach called Rabbi Avtzon again and asked him to meet up as soon as possible.

“Where will you be in a half hour?” he asked.

“I’ll be picking up the kids from school,” answered Rabbi Avtzon, and made plans to meet up with the shliach for what turned out to be one of the most amazing and intriguing encounters of his life.

The shliach met him and handed him a small box.

“This afternoon,” said the shliach, “I met a very pious non-Jew who follows the commandments from the Bible, including taking tithes, maisros, and bikkurim. He met me and told me he knows there are no more known Levi’im around now so he’s not sure where to give the money he collected the last few years.

“I told him we definitely know Levi’im who are alive now and I confirmed with you that the shliach I asked you about is a Levi. The man confirmed with him via phone that he is indeed a Levi, and handed me this box to get to him. I’m really busy and would appreciate if you can find a way to get it to your friend.”

Rabbi Avtzon took the box home and told his friend he had a few dollars for him, not dreaming that amount would be anything of significance.

“When I got home and opened the box, I was shocked,” says Rabbi Avtzon. “There, spread out over my table, are wads of cash- amounting to over $40,000! I called my friend and he almost fainted, this amount was what he needed for multiple debts he owed for the end of the month

“When we do our part in making the impact and leave the rest up to Hashem,” concludes Rabbi Avtzon, “everything works out miraculously.”

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  1. This story really blew me away with how practical the world has become, even as we Jews see and feel the end of times.

    The Leviim have returned to serve Him, being His, and the world gets it.

    Moshiach Now

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