Mob of Russian Muslims Attempts to Hunt Down Visiting Jews

A violent group of thousands of pro-Hamas protestors stormed an airport in Dagestan, Russia, where a flight from Israel was scheduled to land and attempted to attack the Jewish travelers.

Yeshiva World News

An absolutely terrifying scene unfolded in Dagestan, a republic of Russia, on Sunday night.

According to video footage and initial reports, a flight from Israel was scheduled to land at the Makhachkala airport, and a violent group of thousands of waiting pro-Hamas protestors were waiting to kill them.

Footage shows the angry crowd breaking through security barriers at the airport, as police attempted to hold back the crowd. The violent crowd is seen running wildly through the airport letting out bloodcurdling screams of “Allahu-Akbar!”

A source has told YWN that a small group of Israelis and Jews are currently in a secured area at the airport. The authorities are actively working on facilitating their departure via a connecting flight to Moscow, once the situation permits.

In addition, Israeli security officials, along with the Israeli ambassador, are collaborating closely with local security authorities to address the evolving circumstances.

Dagestan, officially the Republic of Dagestan, is a republic of Russia situated in the North Caucasus of Eastern Europe, along the Caspian Sea. Most of the people living in Dagestan are Muslims.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says he is appalled by the scenes in Dagestan, Russia as a mob rampages through an airport in search of Israelis arriving from Tel Aviv.

“This is not an isolated incident in Makhachkala, but rather part of Russia’s widespread culture of hatred toward other nations, which is propagated by state television, pundits, and authorities,” he says.

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