Mitzvah Tank Brings Pesach to Panama Beach Town

Bochurim Ber Chaim Arcusin and Mendi Lapidus loaded up a Mitzvah Tank with Pesach supplies and headed over to the Panamanian beach town of Playa Venao to bring the Yom Tov to the Israeli community there.

After much effort and planning, the Shliach for the Israeli community in Panama City Rabbi Mendy Karniel sent 2 bochurim, Ber Chaim Arcusin and Mendi Lapidus with a Mitzvah Tank to the Panamanian beach town of Playa Venao.

The bochurim arrived with a a lot of food for Iom Tev, a large amount of matzos and a many bottles of wine.

A large number of Israelis live in Playa Venao, and many of them warmly welcomed the bochurim into their homes, thanking Chabad for sending them.

The Bochurim left with many stories of Hashgacha Protis in each step they took on the beach and in the impressive hatzlacha they experienced.

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