Mitzva Tank Parade Heads Out From the Rebbe’s Ohel

A Mitzvah Tank Parade marking 74 years of the Rebbe’s nesius on Yud Shevat headed out from the Rebbe’s Ohel on Friday to bring Yiddishkeit to the streets of New York.

Photos: Mendi Dahan/

For the third consecutive year, a parade of Mitzvah Tanks headed out from the Rebbe‘s Ohel on Friday, Erev Yud Shevat, to celebrate 74 years of the Rebbe’s leadership.

The parade left from the Ohel on Friday morning and headed to locations across Queens and Long Island.

Over the years of the Rebbe’s nesius, Yud Shevat was celebrated with Tank Parades a number of times, with the most memorable being Yud Shevat 5750, when the Rebbe watched as the 40 tanks passed by 770. In the years since, parades were held on a number of years, especially those marking a ’rounded’ number.

After they headed out, the tanks drove to a nearby shopping center, where all the tankistin joined in a joyous dance.

They then traveled to different points across Queens, Long Island, and Manhattan.

There, the bochurim spread out on the nearby streets, offering passersby the chance to put on Tefillin or do other mitzvos, and spreading the Rebbe’s message about the imminent arrival of Moshiach.

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