“Missing” Tanya Editions Brought to the Rebbe’s Library

Hundreds of editions of Tanyas that were printed around the globe and were never brought to the Rebbe’s library were presented to Chief Librarian Rabbi Berel Levine. The bochurim behind it together have a request.

By Anash.org reporter

Hundreds of editions of Tanyas that were printed around the globe and were never brought to the Rebbe’s library were presented to Chief Librarian Rabbi Berel Levine, and more are on their way.

Ever since the Rebbe asked for Tanyas to be printed in every country, and later in every city where a Yid lives, over 8,000 editions have been printed. The list of locations is long and varied, ranging from numerous locations in Crown Heights, to far-flung cities across Africa, to historic locations and areas of significance for the Jewish people.

The Rebbe introduced the idea of printing Tanyas around the world first in the year 5738. At that time the Rebbe said to have the Tanyas printed in each country worldwide. From then until Chanukah 5744 there were approximately 100 editions of Tanyas printed. In 5744, the Rebbe asked that the Tanya be printed in every city where there are Yidden. On some occasions, the Rebbe asked for a Tanya to be printed in cities where there were no Yidden officially living there.

Most of those who printed Tanyas sent a copy to the Rebbe, and later to the Rebbe’s library. However, there is a large number of Tanyas that were never sent. As of today, the Rebbe’s Library only has about 6,000 Tanyas of the over 8,100 printed, which means that approximately 2,000(!) Tanyas are missing from the Rebbe’s library.

Over the past few months, a group of bochurim and yungeleit have begun an intensive effort to locate and collect all the missing Tanyas. Thanks to their efforts, hundreds of Tanyas have been brought to the library. Some were printed in the past few years and some date back as far as 5744.

There is still much work to be done, however. Many hundreds of editions of Tanya still need to be tracked down and a copy obtained for the library.

In addition, there are hundreds of Tanya editions that began the printing process but never saw them to completion. Some need to be bound, others need the printing to be completed, and some editions took an edition number, but have yet to start…

The group behind the renewed ‘Mivtza Tanya’ are urging all those who need help completing their edition to contact [email protected], to help bring their Tanya to print.

In addition, those who printed a Tanya, but are unsure if the Rebbe’s library received a copy, should contact the above email, and they will check if the library has a copy of that edition. In the case that it does not, they will help arrange that a copy should be brought to the library.

“The Rebbe asked many times that copies of all seforim should be sent to the library,” they told Anash.org. “There is no question that the Rebbe would want a copy of every Tanya edition in the library, and for that, we need the help of anash, shluchim, and bochurim around the world.”

For more information, email [email protected].

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