‘Mishpacha’ Chronicles Lubavitch Mesiras Nefesh in Ukraine

For five days, a Mishpacha reporter toured Ukraine’s cities with shliach Rabbi Meir Stambler to see firsthand the shluchim’s mesiras nefesh during wartime. His impressions were published in a 20-page report in the widely read Mishpacha Magazine. Download inside.

For the two years anniversary of the war in Ukraine, the English Mishpacha magazine – the most widely read frum magazine in the USA, Canada and Europe – published a 20-page information about the activities of the Shluchim in the country.

The Magazines reporter came as a guest of the ‘Federation of Jewish Communities in Ukraine’ under shliach Rabbi Meir Stambler which takes care of the physical and spiritual needs of the country’s Jewish community.

The Rabbi and the reporter toured Ukraine’s cities for five days and came back with a deep impression and admiring the activity under fire.

Click here to download the complete pdf.

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