Miriam Shmueli, AH

Miriam Shmueli, a young woman from Crown Heights, who taught in Bais Chaya Mushka and Bais Rivkah, and who helped many women as a childbirth doula passed away on Shabbos.

Miriam Shmueli passed away on Shabbos, after battling an auto immune disease for the past few months.

Quietly she was a ba’alas chesed who helped many mothers before, during and after giving birth as a Hypnobirthing specialist and doula. 

In the past she was a teacher in Bais Chaya Mushka and Bais Rivkah. 

She initiated many children programs including a unique girls davening program located in 770 to help guide them in their davening by teaching them Biur Tefila and how to follow along with a minyan. The success of this program encouraged schools to follow suit. 

She exemplified “A Chossid Macht A Seviva”  A chosid creates a positive surrounding.

With her knowledge of Torah and Chassidus, she constantly shared insights to all those she met, impacting them with a desire for Torah and Mitzvos.

She was able to bring out in others their natural Emunas Hashem.

She was a living example of a true emissary of the Rebbe.

She is survived by her parents Reb Ephraim Zev and Raizel Shmueli and Siblings.

Her leyava will take place today, 9 Iyar, passing 770 at 1:30 PM.

Special request from the Chevrah Kadisha:

Due to the current situation, we have to bring to the attention of the public שי’  the current guidelines that must be adhered to.

 Please maintain social distance and stand at least 6 feet apart at all times as the world is watching, if pictures are made, we would like it to be a Kiddush Hashem and a zechus for the niftar.

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  1. I remember Miriam well from our younger days when I would see her often in 770. She always had a smile – a genuine one – on and we spent many joyous hours in the same space. May her life be an example to all those who met or knew her.

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