“Miracles” Enable Opening of New Yeshiva in Wesley Hills, NY

A sequence of incredible events had the new Chabad Yeshiva in Wesley Hills, NY, find a location just days before Yeshiva began, allowing it to open on time with great joy and celebration.

A sequence of incredible events had the new Chabad Yeshiva in Wesley Hills, NY, find a location just days before Yeshiva began, allowing it to open on time.

With great joy and celebration, the new Yeshiva Mayan Torah celebrated its birth and the opening its doors to Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim of Wesley Hills.

“For years, we dreamed of an exciting type of chinuch, because too many of us have wished for a better experience in the chinuch system, to truly connect us to Yiddishkeit and Chassidus. We wanted to create a yeshiva that would be individualized,” Rabbi Yoseph and Tzippy Vigler, founders of the new mesivta, and the Rebbe’s Shluchim in Flatbush NY, relate, “where every child’s uniqueness is cherished bringing to real life the Rebbe’s vision for every child.”

The goal of the Yeshiva is to help bochurim of 5782 turn into temimim as envisioned by the Rebbe Rashab, the Frierdiker Rebbe and the Rebbe. Not just to learn but to learn how to learn, to daven with the understanding of every word infused with the knowledge and inspiration of Chassidus. Special emphasis will be placed on helping the bochurim develop the proper yiras Shomayim and middos tovos.

The yeshiva is headed by Rabbi Nochum Labkowski, a great talmid chochom and experienced teacher for many years. He is joined by mashpia Rabbi Menachem Feldman from Sydney, Australia, and several wonderful shluchim.

The yeshiva and talmidim are indebted to the vision, courage and leadership of R’ Eli and Shterny Steinmetz for their personal commitment in all aspects, at day and at night, to oversee the dream of the Yeshiva in the most beautiful way.

The local community has embraced and warmly welcomed the new yeshiva and are looking forward to enjoying the influence in Torah and Chassidus. The mesivta opened with a warm welcome barbeque, singing and dancing, the fervor reflecting anticipation and excitement. Local Rabbonim and Mashpiim who came to bentch the new Yeshiva included Rabbi Nosson Gourarie, Rabbi Boruch Lesches, Rabbi YY Jacobson, Rabbi Moshe Gourarie, Rabbi Chaim Schabes, and Rabbi Yisroel Shusterman.

The many supporters in building the Yeshiva have expressed how blown away they were by the quick miracles from Hashem in finding and securing the Yeshiva campus. “Just seven months ago we decided to make the dream a reality and build this yeshiva”, says Rabbi Vigler. “And here we are with miraculous siyata diShmaya and a Baalshemske story of hashgacha pratis and bounty from Above.”

The Yeshiva is in a beautiful building on 5 acres of land in the quiet hills of Wesley Hills with newly renovated rooms and Beis Medrash. The bochurim are given time and space to let out energy on the basketball court, game room and outside space. The crowd was extremely impressed how beautiful and appropriate this place is for the yeshiva b’gashmiyus u’biruchniyus.

The Yeshiva went to contract on the property to close IYH in 45 days to serve as a Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim until Moshiach comes. A building campaign is in full swing.

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