Mir, Chabad and Lakewood: Unity in Memory of Meron Victim

A powerful display of achdus, in memory of a victim of the Meron tragedy last year, is taking the frum world by storm.

A powerful display of achdus is taking the frum world by storm for a project li’Iluy nishmas Yossi Kohn ע”ה, one of the 45 Karbonos from last year’s Lag BaOmer tragedy in Meron. The entire spectrum of Klal Yisroel – from Crown Heights to Williamsburg, from Monsey to Lakewood – are gearing up for an Achdus campaign to build two Mikvaos, one in Boise, Idaho and the other in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The campaign will launch Wednesday night to coincide with the Yahrtzeit of Yossi Kohn ע”ה and has already raised some $60,000 of the $500,000 goal.

On Thursday, 45 tear-stained candles will light the flames of Lag BaOmer bonfires. Lives lost, homes shattered – the tragedy in Meron still reverberates throughout the Jewish world. A year later, Am Yisrael is mourning.

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Yossi Kohn is one of the 45. A fun-loving, 22-year-old bochur of the Mir Yeshiva, Yossi was kindness personified. A beloved son, brother, student, and friend to so many, the departure of Yossi Kohn from this world is a loss for us all.

As Yidden, we transform pain into growth, calamity into brochos. The Kohn family of Cleveland, Ohio, has set out to continue the legacy of their son, making a meaningful impact for generations to come.

The last states in the Western US without a mikvah are gearing up to do so in honor of Yossi Kohn. Countless lives will be enhanced through the mikvaos that will bear his name.

“Jews from all walks of life come through our doors,” said Mrs. Raizy Mendelsohn, the Shlucha in Jackson, Wyoming. Jackson is the gateway to Yellowstone National Park, and attracts many tourists. “They are astonished when they learn that the nearest mikvah is nearly 5 hours away. Seeing Klal Yisroel come together for this effort is both heartwarming and empowering.”

Lag BaOmer is Yossi’s first yahrtzeit. Each one of us can be instrumental in building a mikvah in the most remote corners of America.

Please visit Charidy.com/OdYosefChai to participate and give Yossi’s neshama a tremendous aliyah.

From Cleveland to Meron to the Mountain West, the Achdus is unprecedented.

Indeed, our dear Yosef Yitzchak Aizik ben Menachem Mendel lives on.

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